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Jennifer Herron: Building a life

Jennifer Herron

Architect, mother and public servant Jennifer Herron understands that living a balanced life is all about flexibility. As an architect and partner at Herron Horton Architects alongside her husband, the two have made it priority to serve their community while raising a family. Fresh off receiving a Smart Corporate Giving Award at the Arkansas Business of the Year Awards, Jennifer sits down with host Natalie Ghidotti to talk about designing for nonprofits, looking to the future and parenting tips.

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– Maeghen Carter, Ghidotti Communications



Guest Q&A

– When did you know you were going to be an architect?

I took a Mechanical Drawing class in eleventh grade to fill a Fine Arts credit and my teacher asked me if I had ever considered architecture. I hadn’t at that time but started looking at buildings and architecture schools. It really wasn’t until I actually graduated from architecture school that it hit me that I was on my way to becoming an architect and it was and still is exciting.

– What’s your favorite flavor at Loblolly?
Forest Queen Chocolate Stout! Lost Forty Brewing Forest Queen Stout Beer in Milk Chocolate ice cream.
– Where are the top three places you’ve visited and what’s next on your list?
Top 3 places I have visited are Berlin, Germany; Siena, Italy and Montreal, Canada. But I also love LA, SF, Miami, NYC and Lawrence, Kansas.
– What’s next on my list? 
Mexico City and Toronto, Ontario to explore and visit friends.
– What would people say your super power is?
Uhm…well my close friends say that I have a calm, peaceful presence, am a good listener and I make them laugh.  But I can’t be serious about this question so I’ll say the ability to still turn bright red when I’m embarrassed or laughing so hard.
– What architectural wonder inspires you the most and why? 
Cities amaze me. The efficiency of the city, the layers of the city. I was recently in NYC and was watching the trains, subways, people, cars and wondered how the city accommodates all these people. Food, trash, transportation, electricity, plumbing systems, water. I recently read an article in the NY Times Magazine about the subway in NYC and how it built the city and now the city has to decide if it will spend so many dollars modernizing the subway system, extend lines, etc. It stated that today, New York’s subway carries close to 6 million people every day! The subway brings people together, but it also spreads people out. The article references the city to a beating heart that keeps the human capital flowing and the city growing. The subway has no zones and no hours of operation. It connects the rich and the poor neighborhoods and the subway has never been segregated. It’s always open, the fare is always the same no matter how far you have to go. Movement, anytime anywhere is a right. It’s awesome to think about and to try to understand the depth of layers within a city.

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