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Slowing down with Elizabeth Finch

Arkansas 100 podcast

Wellness guru and The Southern Well Being founder Elizabeth Finch is the latest guest on The Arkansas 100 Podcast. In this episode, Finch talks to host Natalie Ghidotti about generating awareness around living a better and healthier life.

The conversation hones in on the importance of slowing down and tuning in, as well as how to be more present in our personal and professional lives. Finch also shares tips on healthy meal prep, community support, alternative healing options and finding joy and fulfillment.

Tune in. All episodes of The Arkansas 100 Podcast are available on iTunes, Stitcher and our website.

– Sandra McGrew, Ghidotti Communications

What are three things we will always find in your pantry?

It’s hard to limit it to three! But if I can only pick three, it would be:

  1. Dark chocolate (favorite brands are Living Raw dark chocolate truffles, Endangered Species and Alter Eco)
  2. Almond butter and tahini
  3. Lentils, beans and whole grains like quinoa and oats from the bulk bin

Share a few of your top self-care tips?

Daily self-care consists of: quiet time and meditation, connecting with my husband and our daughters, dry body brushing, my nightly bedtime routine, which includes an early bedtime and 7.5 hours of sleep, healthy meals including lots of fruits and veggies, movement in the form of either yoga or walking (and two days a week I go to the gym), upholding my boundaries and not over scheduling or over committing myself.

Weekly, I do hot baths, at-home facials, tea or lunch with a like-minded friend, planning our family’s meals and grocery shopping and meal prepping for the week ahead.

What’s your favorite meal to cook for your family?

Everyone in my family loves my Vegan Enchilada Bake recipe. The recipe is on my Instagram feed.

What’s your favorite indulgence?

I have a sweet tooth and have a bite of something sweet every day. Sometimes that’s a few pieces of my favorite dark chocolates, sometimes it’s a few pieces of dried mango or dates from the bulk bin, sometimes it’s a spoonful of raw honey (it’s loaded with healing enzymes!). But on the weekends, you can find me eating my favorite vegan pizza at Raduno, or the veggie fajitas at Heights Taco & Tamale. My favorite indulgent dessert is the strawberry shortcake ice cream from Loblolly, in a waffle cone.

What’s been the most surprising, challenging and gratifying piece of launching The Southern Well Being?

Most surprising: people are really so open to these kinds of conversations and they really do want to learn more about living happier and healthier!

Challenging: getting it out there to people, marketing and growing the awareness that it’s here.

Gratifying: helping to create awareness around the incredible things others are doing in the wellness space. I’ve been so very impressed at what people in our region of the country are doing, and I want to help promote their work, their products and their services as much as possible, too. It benefits all of us.

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