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Lisa Fischer: The ultimate influencer


Lisa Fischer was a brand before she even realized it. Since signing off as a morning show co-host on B98.5, where she was for more than a decade, Fischer wasted no time in getting back to what she does best — dispensing advice and laughs.

With a newly launched YouTube show, website and magazine column, it’s no wonder Lisa Fischer is known as the ultimate influencer. Host Natalie Ghidotti talks to Fischer about what she has learned in her career and how being her authentic self has paid off.

This episode is available on iTunes, Stitcher and our website.

– Sandra McGrew, Ghidotti Communications

If you could have a super power, what would that be and why?
Flying. I hate the time in traffic and in a car whether it’s driving downtown or cross-country.

What’s the best advice you’ve received in your career?
My best career advice? Be true to myself. When I was a reporter out of college, a consultant came by and asked us what we really, really wanted to do. Everyone in that newsroom wanted to go to the network and report and anchor. I said, “host a talk show.” That was 1986. And my first talk show to host came available four months after that convo. I remember kinda being embarrassed that I didn’t want to do what true reporters wanted to do. But I was able to be true to myself which I had heard as career advice.

Where could we typically find you on a Saturday morning?
My favorite things are farmers’ markets and grocery shopping. Like, for realz. I like grocery shopping. It gives my mind a time to be creative about meal preparation.

Is there anything anyone would be surprised to know about you?
Anything someone would be surprised to know about me? Girl, I have told everything about it. There are no secrets.

What are three things you always have with you during busy days?
iPhone 2. Laptop 3. Selfie light to snap random photos to post on social media

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