Home History Labor Day Weekend Brings Annual Chuckwagon Championship

Labor Day Weekend Brings Annual Chuckwagon Championship


The National Chuckwagon Championship enters its 30th year this Labor Day weekend. (Photo courtesy of encyclopediaofarkansas.com)

Clinton, Arkansas, has been home to the National Championship Chuckwagon Races since 1986, which has remained a staple in the community to this day.

What started out as a Labor Day celebration and fun with friends, hosted by Dan and Peggy Eoff, turned into an annual event running for 30 years and counting. Along with five divisions of chuckwagon races, there are also mule races, bronc fanning and a river race.

Now an event-packed weekend, the races are expecting 20,000 viewers and 150 competing teams. Musical guests and vendors from around the country will also be in attendance.

Maeghen Carter, Ghidotti Communications

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