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Novelist first invited me to the Mississippi Delta

by The 100 Companies
Mississippi Delta

I hopped off the Southern Crescent from UVA, hurried to my Great Aunt Bolling Spalding’s funeral and fell in with other embarrassed latecomers walking behind her casket at the cathedral door. A distinguished, somehow familiar gentleman nodded. At the cemetery, my father introduced: “Meet your cousin, Walker Percy.”

“Chris is a student and newspaper editor,” dad said. Walker surveyed me, offering, “You eastern Southerners should see the western South. It’s much different. I can introduce you to the Hodding Carter family at the Delta Democrat-Times.” I drove out the next week. Thus began my love of the Mississippi Delta. And Walker Percy.

Listen to the 2014 NPR segment as Chris completes his Walker Percy collection.

Chris Schroder, The 100 Companies

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