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Bentonville Film Fest Highlights Women and Minorities


The Bentonville Film Fest highlights some of its best moments from the 2016 event. (Video courtesy of BFF)

Bentonville is gearing up for its third annual film festival, coming May 2-7.

The Bentonville Film Fest (BFF) was created by actress Geena Davis as a way to “encourage inclusion and inspire” by highlighting women and diversity in entertainment media. The NWA town serves as the perfect location for the celebration of art.

“There is a booming arts presence (in Bentonville) that continues to expand,” said BFF officials. “And it’s an area where business and arts seem to collide in a way that is collaborative and able to coexist to help create the changes we are trying to achieve.”

– Maeghen Carter, Ghidotti Communications

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