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Who Are We? The Demographics of North Carolinians


According to the US Census Bureau, as of July 2015 10,042,802 people populated the state. Other NC demographic data included:

Females: 51.3%

Males: 48.7%

White alone: 71.5%*

Black/African American alone: 22.1%*

Hispanic/Latino alone: 9.0%**

Asian alone: 2.7%*

Two or more races: 2.1%

American Indian: 1.6%*

High school graduates (25 years+): 85.4%

Bachelor’s degree or higher (25 years+): 27.8%

Total employer establishments: 219,897

Total annual payroll: $155,372,284

*Includes persons reporting one race

**Hispanics may be of any race, also included in applicable race categories

Deneen Bloom, S&A Communications

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