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Momtrepreneur: Mollie Yoder of Bologna Joes

by Michael Polzella

Mollie Yoder is a small business guru. Yoder’s first venture, Blackbean Accounting, has been running since 2008, and this March she will open children’s boutique, Bologna Joe’s.

Along with two businesses, Yoder balances motherhood with two children who are excited to get involved. “They participate in all my ventures. Our whole family has the entrepreneur spirit,” Yoder said. “It’s a family affair.”

Yoder’s advice to fellow momtrepreneurs is to be the best worker you can. “Mother’s guilt plagues all moms, from stay-at-homes to full-time business owners and everyone between,” Yoder said. “Don’t get caught up in it.”

– Maeghen Carter, Ghidotti Communications

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