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Moving Worlds in Little Rock


Chris Cranford captures CEO of MovingWorlds, Mark Horoszowski, as he speaks in Little Rock. (Video by Cranford Co.)

Mark Horoszowski does not contribute most of his professional “wins” and skills to his master’s degree, but to his years of volunteer experience. This is the mission behind MovingWorlds — a site dedicated to connecting professionals with various long-term, impactful volunteer missions.

“Experteers” contrast “voluntourism” by making a conscious effort to train invested people for opportunities to use their professional skills in a volunteer setting.

While MovingWorlds is based out of Seattle, Horoszowski visited Central Arkansas to speak to the Rotary Club of Little Rock on the impact of experteerism and how to make the first steps towards getting involved.

— Natalie Ghidotti, Ghidotti Communications

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