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History of the Arkansas Razorback

by The 100 Companies
History of the Arkansas Razorback

The status of sports remains iffy, and while we won’t be filling Razorback Stadium to full capacity this fall, we can always celebrate Tusk and his costumed counterpart, Big Red.

The team was originally the Cardinals, but that changed with Coach Hugo Bezdek. During the 1909 season after a shutout game, some say he boasted they “fought like a wild band of razorback hogs.” Others say a bystander first shouted, “Here come the razorbacks!” at an away game in Texas.

Regardless, Coach Bezdek is credited with the name. It didn’t hurt that the Razorbacks finished that 1909 season undefeated, either.

– Kristie Coggins, The 100 Companies

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