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Minimalist cocktails fit for a quarantine

by The 100 Companies

With many bars and liquor stores closed, you’re left to fend yourself when it comes to libations. Grocery stores might be low on supplies too, but luckily, you don’t need much to craft these quarantine-worthy cocktails:

• Madras: If you’re into that citrus taste, all you need is orange juice, cranberry juice and vodka. Pour the proportions you want, and add a little ice.

• Tequila Negroni: Mix one ounce each of Campari, red vermouth and tequila for a classy mixed drink.

• Paloma: Take one ounce blanco tequila and one ounce grapefruit juice, then add some fresh lime juice for extra flavor.

– Sam Bojarski, The 100 Companies

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