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Go ahead, break a rule

Break rules

Manuals, procedures and common practice are not sacred tomes designed to cover the nuances of every single situation. As leaders, we must be willing to do what’s right when our guidelines fall short, even if that means we break a rule.

Consider these three things:

1. What rules in your business, organization or industry need to be challenged?

2. How can you go about challenging those rules in a manner that limits downside risks, but creates the greatest upside potential?

3. Prioritize three major rules that need to be challenged and then take the appropriate steps to challenge those rules.

– Dr. Jeff Standridge, Innovator’s Field Guide

Dr. Jeff Standridge is the chief catalyst with the Conductor at the University of Central Arkansas and the author of “The Innovator’s Field Guide: Accelerators for Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Change Agents.”

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