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The impact of music therapy at Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Kevin Bielamowicz

Video produced by Kevin Howard of Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital offers music therapy services to help patients like five-year-old Kaelynn cope with illness. Now her heartbeat will forever sound like “Amazing Grace” to her mother Lyncola.

Kaelynn battled brain cancer before she passed away in 2017. During her treatment at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, music therapist Andrew Ghrayeb recorded and arranged Kaelynn’s heartbeat and added the “Amazing Grace” melody.

When presented with the recording, Lyncola had the option to add her own vocals. The combination of Lyncola’s singing alongside her daughter’s heartbeat is a sweet memory that will be treasured. Learn more here.

– Rebecca Brockman & Hilary DeMillo, Arkansas Children’s Hospital

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